2020 March

Dear Friends

The last few months have included a lot of change for my family and I. Moving house, moving churches, moving schools and moving jobs. In a practical sense these changes came about quickly... all of these things have happened in the last 6 months. But they have also been things we have been thinking and praying about for years, albeit in a mulling over rather than in an actively seeking way.

The tipping point came for us when we saw a house we loved and decided to put ours on the market. Within 4 weeks our house had sold and our offer had been accepted! Then without lots of warning we were suddenly doing that thing we had kind of been thinking about for ages, but not really pursuing, and everything was going to change.

Isn’t that often the story of our lives? We talk about, think about and kind of toy with ideas. Dreams that have persisted through the years, but for some reason we never take the leap. It’s human nature to get comfortable, to like the here and now. To not want to risk the change or the upheaval and uncertainty. And yet. If we are willing to jump, what new stories could be waiting for us?

Saying yes to that first choice has opened the door to a whole new range of possibilities, that have almost cascaded from that one decision. And we find ourselves wondering why we didn’t do this sooner, why we left it so long to act.


However ultimately God’s timing is perfect and He alone knows when it’s right to leap. This house, this singular house, is the absolute right one for us. It’s the one we were waiting for. The one that meets all of our needs and then some.

As I reflect on my experiences and the learning I’ve undertaken this month the question I keep returning to is this:

        Are we willing to move into action when God gives us the opportunity?

Basically are we willing to say yes? To be brave? To go when God gives us the prompt? Because we can spend a whole lifetime talking about things, dreaming about things, wishing things were different, waiting for something to change. Or we can be ready to take a leap of faith. So that when God says go we are willing to obey.

So what dreams has God placed in your heart?

What thing is He prompting you about right now?

What could you do today to partner with Him in seeing those things realised?

Is today the day where God is asking you to leap out in faith?

Blessings   Hayley James

Mission & Evangelism Enabler    Mission & Ministry Team

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